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Element Labs is lighting company specializing in innovative lighting using LED technology. By embedding color LEDs in different casings and providing simple controllers to animate the surfaces, they have produced a whole line of dazzling lighting products.

NeoFlex is their alternative to traditional neon. By combining a plastic tubular casing and LED technology, they have harnessed the energy efficiency and longevity of LED lighting and significantly simplified the fabrication process.

The Versa TILE is simply a 10 square cm tile lit with color LEDs. When the tiles are assembled into an array spanning any imaginable area (as long as the controller can handle it), it produces a display with each tile representing 1 pixel. Imagine watching your 1600 x1200 display at 10cm per pixel? That would be 160x 120 meters or 525 x 394 feet!

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  1. 1 NICOLAS PEREIRA said at 11:57 pm on April 9th, 2005:

    Iam interested in your products. If you could send the last
    catalogue, I would be grateful.
    My adress is Olegario Andrade 4894 CP 12400 Montevideo –

    Thank you very much

    Nicolás Pereira

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