Beyond Augmented Reality

February 12th, 2005 | Filed under: Augmented, Technology, Virtual Reality | 1 Comment »

AR (augmented reality) interfaces have come a long way. Virtual placement of 3-dimensional models have become extremely accurate and we starting to see consumer devices with immersive augmented reality like D’Fusion. HITlab NewZealand and US (Human Interfaces Technology) have a series of projects demonstrating some of the latest developments such as tangible virtual objects, GPS, outdoor AR, multiple dataset browsing, gestures and shared AR, all bringing us closer to the day when we’ll walk around playing Grand Theft Auto in the streets, wearing giant goggles or perhaps an AR PDA will do the job.

Watch the videos of some the HITlab projects.

Check out D’Fusion Technology via Gear Live

Markerless AR tracking video.
more. more.

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