Breeding Spaces in Vitro

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The Breeding Spaces project, by Zbigniew Oksiuta aims to create a system of biological appropriation of energy and material into a self-organizing space. Much like a growing organism, these spaces would grow in a neutrally buoyant sterile environment as stimulants are added in a controlled manner to sculpt the growth of the space. This project, like much of Oksiuta’s work, merges the boundaries of biology, art and architecture. The collaborators on Breeding Spaces include some major institutions such as, the Institute of Physical Chemistry at Koln University and the German Aerospace Agency.

It is interesting to see Breeding Spaces in the context of our progress in nanotechnology. The project hints at some of the processes and features we may see in nanoarchitecture (John Johansen).

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Nanoarchitecture: A New Species of Architecture

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