Tennis Court, Jetsons Style

February 25th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Design, Future | 2 Comments »

Oooooooh, sooo futuristic! To celebrate the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, the ultra-luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel has built the world’s highest tennis court on it’s helipad.

More images from sky news and Burj Al Arab.

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2 Comments on “Tennis Court, Jetsons Style”

  1. 1 Go Federer said at 6:40 am on August 16th, 2006:

    Wow that is so cool!!! I suppose there is no way of retrieving the ball if you hit it off court though, ehehhe. There’s this great website that is giving away $1000 US for picking the winner for the coming US open tournament.

    Check it out!

  2. 2 Venusian1 said at 8:42 pm on December 4th, 2008:

    Fantastic! Hopefully this is one small step to more giant leaps to come.

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