The Future of Data Storage

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The BBC has a report on several potential storage solutions of the future ranging from 2 or 3-dimensional arrays and nanoscaled solutions. The one that really catches my attention is Dr Török‘s multiplexed optical data storage which takes the current laser technology and adds the ability to sense the angle of the deflected laser. In other words, the information is no longer read simply as the discreet states of ones and zeros. Each point has the potential to hold an infinite set of states depending on the sensitivity of the angular detection. Beyond the capability to densely store enormous amounts of information, this technology could lend itself to transforming our method of computation from discreet to analog where there are an infinite states between one and zero. Understanding and performing analog computations would open doors to understanding intelligence and push computation in a new direction.

via BBC

Cellular Neural Networks and Analog Vlsi (Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Vol 15, No 3)

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