The Los Alamos Bug : Mixing Chemicals to Create Life

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Norman Packard and his team at ProtoLife are among several research groups racing to create the first artificial life form. Although the ProtoLife group’s proposal to create life out of chemicals through technologies like PACE (Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution) is at least 10 years away, the questions raised stir our fundamental understanding of life. Is a self-replicating ‘cell’ made of synthetic materials alive? A widely accepted definition of life requires the ability to reproduce and undergo natural selection. Packard’s synthetic ‘Los Alamos Bug’ would do just that.

via New Scientist

2 Comments on “The Los Alamos Bug : Mixing Chemicals to Create Life”

  1. 1 Limi Tuitupou said at 3:57 am on May 2nd, 2005:

    Biological issue presentation, have chosen the los alamos bug concept to present to class but need more information on it. Extremely interested

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    Amarnath from India here.Love the work you guys are doing.It`s so very unconventional!I`d love to give a seminar on it,whch is a requisitte for the postgraduate course I`m pursuing in my college.
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