Corrugated Cardboard Mania

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Recycling cardboard is so 90’s. Reuse it! Make some furniture, a boat, a robot or a house!

Cardboard Folders | Designboom’s cardboard folding chairs competition

Recycle Robot
| Dan Paluska’s 90% recycled cardboard robot.

Box Doodle | Cardboard art

[retur] Design Sweden | cardboard furniture

The Cardboard House | A $35,000 house by Stutchbury + Pape and Col James

Paper Loghouse |
Shigeru Ban’s cardboard emergency shelter (more on Shigeru Ban)

Everything Corrugated
| A collection of links to more cardboard projects.

Shigeru Ban
Cool Cardboard Instruments to Make & Play
Most Incredible Cardboard Toys in the Whole Wide World

One Comment on “Corrugated Cardboard Mania”

  1. 1 Marianna said at 5:29 am on March 3rd, 2006:

    In the seventies or early eighties, there was a book on making furniture and play structures for children using corrugated cardboard, primarily used liquor bottle crates. does anyone remember this, or better yet know where to get it?

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