Drive-Thru Supercenter

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AutoCart LLC is on a mission to open 1,500 drive-thru Supercenters in the next decade. Their first attempt would be a 130,000-square-foot facility servicing 12,000 cars per day through 60 drive-thru stations. For the average consumer, AutoCart projects it could bring the average 45 min. shopping time down to 16min or you could shop through their website and simply pick up the items (similar to LowesFoods to go). The plan is for AutoCart to give the retailers who participate in the mall-like facility, a competitive edge over big-box retailers like Wal-Mart through the patented automated packing and conveyor system provided by FK Logistex.

This all sounds great, but it seems me like delivery services such as,, and have already taken a few steps forward. The once popular, (no long in business), offered over-the-internet shopping for convenience store items, video rentals, and more, all delivered within an hour anywhere in Manhattan. (article from 1999 via atnewyork) Even Barnes & Noble offers same day delivery in Manhattan. So is the sprawling landscape preventing delivery services from reaching suburbia ? If the pizza and Chinese guys can make and deliver food within half an hour, why not Wal-Mart?

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