Instant Scene Modeler

March 14th, 2005 | Filed under: Future, Mapping, Video, Virtual Reality | No Comments »

MD Robotic‘s iSM (Instant Scene Modeler), consists of a stereoscopic camera and sophisticated software that is capable of quickly analyzing the captured images and understanding the 3-dimensional properties of the objects in the scene along with it’s position in space. The product is currently being marketed as a crime scene tool, where one could step into a crime scene and capture the scene as a 3-dimensional model, simply by waving the iSM device around and recording the scene as you would a video camera. Future applications of the device seem promising, as it achieves greater accuracy and resolution. I can see the device become as ubiquitous as the desktop scanner. This small device is a huge breakthrough from the comparatively enormous laser scanning techniques used to capture the spaces in the Theban Mapping Project.

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