Jeff Hawkins : Brain Theory Before AI

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Much of the research today on the brain and AI are based on assumptions that intelligence is a process of inputs and outputs / actions and reactions. Jeff Hawkins argues that intelligence is a continuous process of making predictions based on memory. Most well known for inventing the Palmpilot, he is one of the very few who are devoted to researching brain theory. His quest to unravel the brain and the inner workings of intelligence will be crucial to progress in AI and our understanding of humanity. His recent venture into creating a new kind of computer memory system, Numenta, could be a giant leap towards intelligent computers.

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One Comment on “Jeff Hawkins : Brain Theory Before AI”

  1. 1 Kevin Honeycutt said at 4:48 am on November 14th, 2005:

    I am an educational technology consultant at ESSDACK. I have read Jeff’s book multiple times and am convinced it is by far the most advanced look at how the brain really works. In my job as a consultant to education I have spoken about the book and now would like to help write a bridging book that applies Jeff’s thinking to classroom applications in public schools. I seek an opportunity to speak with Mr. Hawkins about what he sees as the possible applications of his thesis in education.

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