Nike Claims Town Square

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Karlzplatz, Vienna’s historic main square will soon be renamed to Nikeplatz! Well, not really. In September 2003, the entire city of Vienna was pranked into thinking Nike was appropriating the city square.‘s elaborate hoax was distributed through thousands of brochures, an official website @, and finally a 13-ton metal and glass infobox inviting the public to find out more about Nike’s plans to brand the square with a giant swoosh sculpture.

Scary. After all we have Disney’s own branded town, Celebration. It’s arguable whether‘s public performance art registered in the flow of our already all encompassing brand-scape, but their seamless integration surely sparked concern over privatization of public spaces. Considering people go as far as tattooing swooshes to their bodies, I can imagine there were people that were ecstatic to see the Nike-ification of a public space. (I just saw a guy on the bus the other day with FILA shave into the back of his head!)

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