One Minute Battery Charge by Toshiba

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Toshiba’s new Lithium-Ion Super Charge Battery boasts an 80% capacity charge in 60 seconds and just a few more minutes for a full charge lasting considerably longer than regular lithium-ion batteries.

via The Register

3 Comments on “One Minute Battery Charge by Toshiba”

  1. 1 Robert Rauer said at 7:51 am on January 7th, 2006:

    Please keep me posted of progress regarding the one minute charge battery.

  2. 2 jussi sarvela said at 9:06 am on February 21st, 2006:

    Dear Ladies / Sirs

    We have several new technology projects under development,some of them
    supported by State of Finland. In thode chousing a new tech battery is very
    essential and central question. In this mind Toshiba One Minute Battery is
    very interesting for us.
    Kindly let us know your latest situation on the battery field, estimations for production start,cost competiveniss etc. Yours J.S.

  3. 3 Amsahater said at 7:50 pm on June 4th, 2006:

    is there a AA version

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