BitTorrent Killed the TV Show

April 17th, 2005 | Filed under: Future, Internet, News, Technology | 1 Comment »

There’s been a lot of hype around the accelerating popularity of BitTorrent to download large video files and it seems the next step in video distribution is coming soon. Participatory Culture is offering a freely distributed open source package which combines RSS and BitTorrent to watch selected shows and distribute video over the internet for free (based on Blog Torrent).

via FutureWire

One Comment on “BitTorrent Killed the TV Show”

  1. 1 roxy said at 11:27 am on January 25th, 2006:

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice on bittorrents, i have a few questions if you wouldnt mind answering them?

    1. whats the best site for d/loading torrents?
    2. How safe is d/loading in general?

    Many thanks, great blog.

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