Lifecenters : Live Where You Shop

April 8th, 2005 | Filed under: Architecture, Future, Urbanism | No Comments »

The malls of America are finally catching on. We hate malls. Places like Grand Prairie, Desert Ridge Marketplace, Kierland Commons, and Atlas Park are replacing the bleak strips of big boxes with “lifestyle centers“, complete with open spaces, sidewalks, and neighborhood charm. But that’s not all. Some provide housing so you can live there, work there, and spend your memorable experiences there as long as you adhere to their policies.

As malls continue to adapt and evolve, how will supersized retailers compete? Perhaps we may see a Wal-Mart township in the near future, or another Celebration-esque, live-where-you-shop ‘designed’ communities with a whopping 6 styles of homes to choose from (postmodern deconstructivist-look not included).

via Slate | CNN

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