Motheye and MARAG : Nano-Scaled Anti-Reflective Coating

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The eyes of moths have evolved to collect as much light as possible without reflection, in order to prevent moths being detected by predators. Motheye and MARAGâ„¢ films mimic this property with nano-scaled bumps reducing reflectivity to less than 1%.

Frounhofer | more info on motheye anti-reflective coating

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One Comment on “Motheye and MARAG : Nano-Scaled Anti-Reflective Coating”

  1. 1 Duane Wires said at 10:07 am on May 16th, 2005:

    OptiCast is interested in applying motheye microstructures to ophthalmic lenses. We would be very interested in exploring a joint venture in this arena, if you can aid us in the manufacturing master molds.

    Please respond if you have an interest.

    Duane Wires, O.D.
    419 425-CAST
    cell 419-348-4636

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