Superatoms : Alchemy and the 3-D Periodic Table

April 14th, 2005 | Filed under: Biotech, Fabrication Tech, Materials, Technology | 1 Comment »

Shiv N. Khanna and A. Welford Castleman Jr., and their experiments with Superatoms are about to bring the periodic table into a new dimension, literally. Dmitri Mendeleev’s classic 2-dimensional periodic table elegantly places elements in families and chemical activity. But with Superatoms, a cluster of atoms which can be coaxed into maintaining dramatically different properties, a 3rd-dimension for each element and its new synthetic states would be required. Superatoms open possibilities to develop highly controllable magical materials with applications most likely beyond our imagination.

via New Scientist (full article)| Innovations Report

One Comment on “Superatoms : Alchemy and the 3-D Periodic Table”

  1. 1 michael johnson said at 5:21 am on November 23rd, 2006:

    I was hoping that some one could e-mail me a alchemy periodic table so I can use it for my studies. Ive been studing this lost art now for 2 years and it could help me out a lot. Thank you too the person thay can help me.

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