Critters : Free Evolutionary Auto-Composer

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Critters (OSX) offers an evolutionary approach to music ‘composition’. You essentially judge a batch of ‘critters’ that move on to the next round that breed into a more refined set of musical compositions (repeat as desired). The software also outputs MIDI files so the composition can move beyond your standard ultra-cheesy soft synth instruments. Check out thecatescapes (mp3)by beekicker.

Our goal at grain-brain is to provide a versatile, easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to compose original music. No musical ability required. Listen to a batch of critters, rate them and create a new generation based on your preferences. Breed them repeatedly, ‘steering’ your critters towards your desired destination. Or, start over with a fresh litter of random critters. Critters is not a loop-based composer. There are an infinite number of potential compositions (Well actually only 2 to the 10,000th). Create endless subtle (or not) mutations of your favorite critters. If you know what you like you can compose.

via datacloud

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