Mapping Mannahatta : Manhattan circa 1609

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Landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson, of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at New York’s Bronx Zoo, is recreating a virtual 1609 (Henry Hudson) landscape of Manhattan. The Mannahatta Project is collecting hundreds of years of animal and plant studies which are fed into a computer program for analysis to create layers of information of every species. Upon completion of the data analysis using GIS technology, the WCS plans to show New York’s ‘wild past’ through a coffee-table book with transparent overlays and computer simulations.

via Sciencentral (video clip)

2 Comments on “Mapping Mannahatta : Manhattan circa 1609”

  1. 1 Bjorn van der Meer said at 2:03 pm on May 20th, 2005:

    The year they are trying to ecology-model is 1609, not 1906.

    Cheers, B.

  2. 2 cw wang said at 3:20 pm on May 20th, 2005:

    Sorry, thanks

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