Pantopic : Digital ESP for your Mobile Device

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Pantomic is Ian Curry’s (NYU ITP) mobile physical network browser. The system runs on JM2E and Bluetooth enable phones. Users scan their physical surroundings for people and groups on the Pantopic network. The network holds profiles and RSS feeds for blogs, images, sounds, etc. which are accessed in real-time off the phone. Physical locations could also be tagged and stored, acting as a virtual message board.

Here’s a couple scenarios:

a) You’re at a social event where you don’t know anyone. You’d like to talk with someone, but it would be easier if you had a point of connection. You pull out your phone and do a Pantopic scan few the room. The scan finds three registered users. You click through to read one of the found users’ logs. As it turns out, they’ve just returned from Belize, where you went on vacation last year, and even visited one of the same small towns. You download their image and realize it’s someone nearby. The rest is up to you.

b) You leave work late and decide to get a drink. Pulling out your phone, you click into your groups and do a friend scan. Earlier in the night, Jane did a Pantopic scan on the bar where she was hanging out with Joe and Karen. Joe and Karen’s presence is registered in the system. As such, your friend scan lets you know that these three friends are together, and where. Looks like you know where you’re going.

3 Comments on “Pantopic : Digital ESP for your Mobile Device”

  1. 1 cw wang said at 10:25 pm on May 4th, 2005:

    Check out Mates, a similar approach using RSS and GPS to create physical location based networks.

  2. 2 julio said at 4:22 pm on September 24th, 2005:

    this is a great idea for creating a network of friends everywhere. the possibilities for business networking is endless.

    great idea. I hope this will realize.

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