Powerseed : Pacemaker for Eating

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This is not a joke. Powerseed is simply a 30 second timer / traffic signal that tells you when you should take your next bite and contemplate whether you’re still hungry or not.

Here’s a little excerpt from their ‘How it Works’ page:

There are a variety of ways in which you’ll use your Powerseed to bring mindfulness (and desired change) into your life. Here’s one example for portion control: While eating, activate your coach and place it at inconspicuous location on your table. Every thirty seconds the Powerseed silently flashes a small green light (or it can beep softly if you prefer).

At each signal take a bite. Savor it slowly and mindfully. Focusing your attention in this way imparts a new sense of control over the eating process, enhances the filling effect of the food and improves digestion. This also gives you the mental space to detect and act on your body’s fullness signals. Many find it a great way to slow their rapid eating.

Every five minutes the Powerseed flashes a different signal as a reminder to evaluate your level of hunger or food satisfaction. When you detect the first twinge of satisfaction, you simply quit eating. Most likely this will be well before the point where you normally quit. Fifteen minutes later you’ll find that you feel totally content. This single strategy can help you avoid consuming hundreds of “mindless” calories every day. Portion control has never been easier!

If you didn’t fall for the Zen-ish design, how about the authentic looking Chinese characters on the back? No? Not convinced?

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