SmartGeometry + Generative Components : Parametric CAD

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The SmartGeometry group (sponsored by Bentley Systems), comprised of Lars Hesselgren (KPF), Hugh Whitehead (Foster and Partners), J Parrish (Arup Sport) and Robert Aish (Bentley), is working on Generative Components technology, a 3-D parametric CAD system similar to CATIA. Parametric systems are essentially real-time self-coordinating systems of information in every view of the model. Parametric systems automatically update entire drawing sets based on changes in the model as small as the placement of a screw or as large as the geometry of the building’s footprint. Generative Components’ uniqueness lies in it’s general geometric scripting core which allows designers to easily create their own tools based on relationships (think spreadsheet for 3-D modeling).

The computational CAD environment which is split into rendered viewports and a diagram of geometric relationships, forces the designer to understand the underlying geometries that generate and modify each surface. By doing so, the constructional logic of complex models is carried through the design and clearly understood in the manufacturing process.

Generative Components is a model-oriented design and programming environment which combines direct interactive manipulation design methods based on feature modeling and constraints, with visual and traditional programming techniques and represents Bentley’s response to the requirement for a “programmatic design” environment, that is a fusion of geometric modeling and software development. What we are searching for in the development of Generative Components is the minimal abstraction of design, that when implemented in software and used by creative designers, provides for the most expressibility, the most extensibility.

KPF is currently using Generative Components on a live project while many other firms are experimenting and testing its capabilities.

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  1. 1 Jayd Robinson said at 5:44 am on November 14th, 2007:

    Hello, I was wondering whether you had more information on Generative Components as we often use microstation for creative designs.


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