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RepeatWhileTrue is Philipp Seifried collection of computational art. Check out Breathpad, a beautiful interactive piece that reminds me of walking through fallen leaves.

PixelRoller Update

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The new PixelRoller prototype 2 rolls out text and images like prototype 1, but bigger and with paint. I could definitely use one of these. [video] [gallery]

Newseum : Today's Front Pages

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Today’s Front Pages” is Newseum‘s interactive presentation of front pages from more than 300 newspapers from around the world. [launch] (map view)

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Sick / Fascinating Rag-Doll Pinball

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Brain Cells on Demand

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Regenerative medicine scientists at the University of Florida’s McKnight Brain Institute have discovered a cell culture method that may be able to produce a limitless supply of a person’s own brain cells. [article]

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Worm Simulator

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Symantec’s free Worm Simulator visualizes infamous worm and virus attacks across local networks and the globe. You can also create your own simulations with custom configurations of networks and protection policies.

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High-Resolution Brain Atlas

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Brainmaps hosts a high-resolution digital atlas of monkey brain sections.

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Singlecell : Doublecell

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Doublecell is the 2nd volume of small experimental computational design projects collected by Singlecell from a few of the best artist/programmers around.

Google Earth (beta) Free Download

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Google Maps
are nice. Google Earth will blow you away. Check out the sightseeing locations under ‘places’ and try jumping from one address to another. [free download]

Small Icon Taxonomy

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Ro London’s collection of 300 small icons from 1800 websites