Enronic : Exploring Enron

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Enronic (built on prefuse), by Jeffrey Heer, visualizes the social networks of Enron by applying ANLP (Applied Natural Language Processing) techniques on the Enron email dataset. The interface offers mutiple layers of manual and automated analysis to isolate key individuals and an email browser to dig even deeper. [Enronic Software (java) + Enron MySQL Tables]

more at the UC Berkeley Enron Email Analysis Project

3 Comments on “Enronic : Exploring Enron”

  1. 1 Enronic : Exploring Enron - Broke Kid said at 1:24 pm on June 7th, 2005:

    […] d under: Politics, Culture, Technology, Sleaze, Scandalous — Scott @ 1:24 pm (via Futurefeeder.com) Enronic (built on prefuse), by Jeffrey Heer, vi […]

  2. 2 Eric Bostrom said at 5:39 pm on June 8th, 2005:

    unfortunately the java app requires a user/pass even when using the local .sql table.

  3. 3 Marian Steinbach said at 12:35 pm on June 16th, 2005:

    The user/pass are whatever you configure the mysql user to have. I recommend you create a new mysql user with access to the database (which you call “enron”), name it “enron” and give it “enron” as a password. Don’t forget to FLUSH_PRIVILEGES. You can then log in with this data:

    Username: enron
    Password: enron
    DB URL: localhost
    DB name: enron

    Hope this helps!


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