Millennium Simulation : The largest model of the Universe

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Using more than 10 billion particles and 25 terabytes of stored output, the Virgo consortium has created the largest simulation of the universe’s evolution across 20 million galaxies spanning 2 billion light years. The model, which ran at the Max Planck Society’s Supercomputing Centre in Garching for more than a month, can now compare the simlulated data against observational data to reveal the physical processes underlying the build-up of real galaxies and black holes.

[video (Divx)] dark matter distribution in the universe at the present time based on the Millennium Simulation

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“Our ability to predict the consequences of our theories must reach a matching level of precision if we are to use these surveys effectively to learn about the origin and nature of our world. The Millennium Run is a unique tool for this. Our biggest challenge now is to make its power available to astronomers everywhere so that they can insert their own galaxy and quasar formation modelling in order to interpret their own observational surveys.” – Simon White (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics)

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