More Green Chemicals Please

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A proposal for implementing a new interface for purchasing alternative chemicals in institutional and industrial labs by Kendra Bussey ’05 and Jacqueline Tio ’06 from the Department of Chemistry at MIT aim to steer the entire chemical industry towards using green chemicals.

“The project will develop data on the amounts and types of chemicals purchased by research laboratories; survey users to determine the uses for which these materials are employed; use Green Chemistry data bases to identify less toxic and less polluting alternatives; and make this information readily available to users. A key component will be to identify the barriers to implementation and means of encouraging independent researchers to adopt these strategies. The results will be incorporated into MIT’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management System. Evaluation metrics will include ongoing monitoring of the amounts and types of hazardous waste requiring disposal.”

Their project titled “Encouraging Toxic Use Reduction (TUR) in Academic Laboratories” recently won the EPA P3 award.

via MIT News | Treehugger

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