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Stupid computers! They don’t have a clue. Feed them some of your common sense now, and maybe they’ll be nice to you when they’ve enslaved you. The Commonsense project at MIT maintains the Open Mind Commonsense database, allowing anyone to dish out bits of knowledge in hopes of giving computers the basic knowledge we all take for granted. Several projects such as Lifenet have been launched to share, visualize, gather and utilize the opensource snapshot containing 730,000 sentences of basic facts.

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  1. 1 martin g said at 4:11 pm on June 21st, 2005:

    Nice idea. Only problem – the database replete with junk.

    Could Beavis and Butthead have been contributing ? Doh !

    Here’s some of the MIT commonsense items :

    “only female” (Do) “use crap”

    “Winchester” (Part Of) “London”

    “turtleneck” (Is A) “word”

    For more gems like these, culled from MIT’s database, see

    Ohpurleese Magazine, March 05

    The phrase � Garbage In / Garbage Out � springs to mind.

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