ScriptCenter : ATMs for Drug Prescriptions

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ScriptCenters, by Asteres are starting to appear in California, Virginia and Hawaii, some offering 24-7 prescription pickups or the capacity to accept new prescriptions.

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Asteres, a privately-held Del Mar-based company, plans to install two more machines at San Diego pharmacies this month and another machine in San Francisco. In addition to Longs Drug Stores, Safeway Inc. (up $0.93 to $24.47, Research) has agreed to host the ScriptCenters at California locations.

Meanwhile, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy has also granted tentative approval to the ScriptCenter, and one of the machines is in the process of being set up at an Giant Food store in Reston, Va. owned by Ahold USA.

“It’s going to be one store and approved for refills only,” said Ralph Orr, deputy executive director for the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, “to allow the chance for the technology to be looked at.”

The Hawaii Board of Pharmacy on Friday became the first state board to approve the ScriptCenters for accepting new prescriptions, in addition to refills, said Pinney. Also, Asteres has begun the regulatory process in about a half dozen other states.

Some of the ScriptCenters are located inside 24-hour stores. In California and Virginia, the machines can be used even when the pharmacies are closed, Pinney said. Hawaii waived that right by allowing ScriptCenters to accept new prescriptions.

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