The Scent of Trust

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A team of Swiss researchers have produced a potion that increases trust between individuals. The potion’s main ingredient, oxytocin, is a naturally produced chemical in the brain which is triggered by a range of stimuli, including sex and breastfeeding, and it is associated with the formation of social ties. The study, led by Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, shows that oxytocin and its associated effects can be artificially stimulate though a nasal spray. Forget Axe, this is the real thing. [pdf]

via Nature

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    […] market, although word has it that it’s going to be sold as a nasal spray. Stay tuned. | Via Future Feeder |

    This entr […]

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    […] al Spray” at the drugstore sometime in the future. How sorely I need it. Story VIA FutureFeeder
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    […] It is so interesting what science can come up with. […]

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    […] Future Feeder berichtet über ein Nasenspray, das Vertrauen chemisch fördern soll. Der Hauptbestandteil Oxytocin ist ein durch Stimuli wie Sex oder die mütterliche Brust geförderter natürlicher Botenstoff im Hirn und soll die Entstehung sozialer Zuneigung begünstigen. Schöne neue Welt. Mehr… Beitrag vom 14. Juni 2005 aus der Kategorie ZEUG. // Kommentare durch RSS 2.0 Feed verfolgen. // Kommentar schreiben // Trackback // // zurück zum Blog […]

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