iSee : Getting Away with Murder

July 17th, 2005 | Filed under: Internet, Mapping, Social, Urbanism | 2 Comments »

Surveillance in public urban environments are unregulated and continue to proliferate as security concerns remain a priority. A small price to pay for more security? Keep in mind that video footage of your deathly embarrassing moment in public may be distributed freely without any disclosure. Now, finding the path of least surveillance is a click away with iSee, a website by the Institute for Applied Autonomy, which plots your path through Manhattan around areas that have the least amount of CCTV surveillance.

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2 Comments on “iSee : Getting Away with Murder”

  1. 1 just look said at 10:40 pm on July 17th, 2005:

    Check this site out. Maybe you can see you buddy in japan walking down the street. Public video feeds ;o):

  2. 2 » isee said at 9:08 pm on July 23rd, 2005:

    […] via information aesthetics: a web-based application charting the precise locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in urban environments. this map tool enables users to plot exact routes that avoid these cameras, thus creating ‘paths of least surveillance’. [|via &] […]

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