Playing Poker Against AI

July 25th, 2005 | Filed under: AI, Future, Internet, Programming | 3 Comments »

How could playing poker online ever become fair? The enforcement of no-teams and no-bots are hard to regulate. As AI becomes more sophisticated, we may eventually face the killer bot, capable of defeating champion poker players. Online poker sites have two choices: fight the bots or embrace them. And why wouldn’t they embrace them? Poker bots still pay the rake for each pot, so the online casino continue to flourish. Who knows? Online poker may turn into a virtual battlefield for AI.


3 Comments on “Playing Poker Against AI”

  1. 1 Ivan Kirigin said at 11:36 am on July 26th, 2005:

    Would you play chess for money against DeepBlue? Probably not.

    I would imagine they could make money allowing bots to enter certain games, but most people wouldn’t want to play against them.

    The best solution is probably a changing interface. The way the cards don’t change and are found in the same location makes capturing and processing a screenshot trivial. Once the bot has an interface to the game, cheating is unstoppable.

    You could put captchas in place to stop this, but that would just annoy the average player.

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