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Comments on: Lifestraw http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/ Wed, 28 Oct 2015 17:00:39 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.12 By: shakeel hussain http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-2110 Mon, 20 Sep 2010 02:07:00 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-2110 Dear Sir With great wishes

It is stated that our whole family is suffering due to unclean water and having kidney problems.
Kindly let me inform for the sake of our lives from where I can buy this LIFESTRAW?
Is this available in Pakistan then let me know if not then tell me from where I can buy this.
God bless on you always
sincerely yours
shakeel hussain
Sialkot Pakistan
mobile no

By: Liang http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1811 Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:34:44 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1811 Hi I would to get 100 of these products. Would you please let me know where to buy them? I live in Canada.


By: me http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1791 Tue, 03 Nov 2009 14:47:05 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1791 im doing a project for school on helping africa and i cant find the price for this product. the personal lifestraw on all websites it says costs 2-3 dollars and on the official website it says to donate one you need 6.50. i also cant find the price for lifestraw family anywhere. wtf.

By: Stephen D'Costa http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1067 Thu, 19 Mar 2009 16:45:26 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1067 Dear Sir,

We are working on a development project and need to supply 5600 lifestraw family pack.
Can you please advise us the cost of the same and advise us delivery time.

The product need to be either send by USPS services to APO AE 09331, Camp Tallil, Iraq.

Alternatively you can just quote for us ex-usa and we could have the product couriered by FEDEX to our destination.

Kindly advise us your air freight charges or alternatively we shall arrange delivery if you provide us FOB address.

Stephen D’Costa
President & CEO
American Logistics

By: John http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1068 Sun, 29 Jun 2008 05:10:24 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1068 I believe this is all hype and fraud. There is nowhere to buy product and no one is using it. In fact, the only “review” is http://www.filtastraw.org.uk/test/lifestraw_user_rep.pdf which is a site owned by lifestraw. All the pictures of so-called people using it are only on life straw’s sites and they are all the same few photos. All the advertisement and blogs regarding lifestraw are up to three years old, yet the product is not available anywhere. I even went to Vestergaard Frandsen’s website and clicked the donate button and nothing happened. If this so called invention were real, trust me, there would be no stopping major companies like Joes and camping world and the thousands of internet sites etc that cater to the millions of backpackers, campers and survivalists in the world, from getting their hands on these things and selling them. The one site that came up on Google search that listed this “ghost” device is the error code “404” URL not in service. Another site is “Life box” which asks for donations – http://www.life-box.org.uk/node/11 and life straw will be kept in their warehouse until needed.
“Answer: How can I order a box. Boxes are bought with a donation of £250. We fill a box that will bear your name and will be stored in our warehouse for despatch when needed.” If you read carefully, you will see it is a scam – probably really a lifestraw site anyway. The same is true for the Sulis ppd – apparantly this is a device that is awaiting mass manufacturing but so far, doesn’t really exist because money is needed to produce it. Look elsewhere folks. These are only prototypes if that and are not available to anyone. I am posting this on all the sites I see about these two products.

By: Tilly http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1066 Tue, 03 Apr 2007 22:53:40 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1066 I am wondering where we can purchase the life straw, is there a minimum amount that need to be purchased with each order and what is the cost for this.
Thank you.
Tilly Morrison

By: JOHN http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1065 Fri, 23 Mar 2007 19:47:50 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1065 I am doing a project on lifestraw and I would like to have an example to show the effectivness of it. If i could know how to purchase or obtain one. thank you

By: Bridget http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1064 Mon, 05 Mar 2007 03:46:56 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1064 I am raising money for this cause, but i would like to buy them my self, and seld the,=m my self and i dont know how to. Please tell me where i can order or purchase lifestraw.

Thank you.

13 yr old Bridget

By: Teri Maier http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1063 Tue, 30 Jan 2007 16:06:58 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1063 Hi,
Can you tell me how to order Lifestraw online or by phone?
Thank You,
Teri Maier

By: david stoikes http://www.futurefeeder.com/2005/08/lifestraw/comment-page-1/#comment-1062 Thu, 21 Dec 2006 22:08:32 +0000 http://futurefeeder.com/index.php/archives/2005/08/19/lifestraw/#comment-1062 can the straw be purchased?