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Genometri‘s Gennovate (alpha) is a generative software package that can generate hundreds of variations on objects modeled in SolidWorks. The company’s site is low on specifics, but could be promising if the software is capable of taking a variety of model-types (parametric or non-parametric) into a quick generative study.

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  1. 1 JakeS said at 1:42 am on November 20th, 2005:

    I am both fascinated and repulsed by Genometri’s software. As an industrial design student, I feel threatened. Though this kind “design AI� in combination with Neil Gershenfeld’s coming “Personal Fabrication� revolution may be inevitable, I wonder how these conflicts will play out in the coming years. Socially, how are designers reacting to this? This is definitely not a black or white issue, and I doubt it will be even in the distant future. However, I think this definitely raises some pretty serious challenges to the merits of human design. I am a little shocked at the lack of discussion surrounding this kind of software.

  2. 2 dez said at 1:16 am on November 26th, 2005:

    I agree to Jakes’ rsponses in general. Definitly there is a lack of cohesive discussion on this software.Such softwares could be very handy tools for the product designers and could add to Human led design if used extensively . But as a designer , I feel that the maximum potential from such softwares could only be realised if these are interwoven to a automatic fabrication facility based on the similar parametric technology. Let’s accept this is the future !!

  3. 3 vickavicka said at 4:57 pm on January 13th, 2006:

    This is highway robbery. What ever happened to a designer’s vision? What is next. The computer has not put the effort, time and sweat into the design process. Why would we even consider giving it the tip of the iceberg? Come on fellow designers take a stand against this crap!

  4. 4 Parth said at 5:22 am on January 28th, 2006:

    Deep Blue probably needed an army of players and programmers to get it to a point where it could beat Kasparov.

    In Genometri’s software great deal of effort goes into creating a basic design framework. The kernel of a good idea still has to come from the designer. The software then allows him to explore many more variations, based on that idea, than he would have been able to.

    Genometri is a lever. Like all forms of mechanisation, it requires a sentient to control it. Like all forms of mechanisation, it will allow that sentient being to accomplish far more than he could have without it.

    It’s a tool, not a threat. Try it.

  5. 5 Mike said at 5:49 pm on July 17th, 2006:

    As a solidworks user myself I downloaded the trial version – all it does is take your existing solidworks model and randomly change the dimensions. I was a bit disappointed really. There is a lot of research going on at the moment into genetic design – i.e. taking two or more “parent” designs and creating offspring. This package doesn’t seem to use that at all. To me the program seems a bit gimmicky.

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