Tactile 3D : Your Desktop in 3D

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Tactile 3D is a user interface made to browse and organize all your existing files in 3D using shapes and sounds to identify folders and files on your hard drive. [free trial]

9 Comments on “Tactile 3D : Your Desktop in 3D”

  1. 1 Sporky said at 11:14 am on March 27th, 2006:

    Waaaay cool! I’ve been wondering for YEARS when the “desktop” would finally get a Z axis. This is a great start in that direction. One might expect the brilliant, oh so “innovative” visionaries at Microsoft to sooner or later do something outside of the box (or the plane actually), but we just keep getting more of the same. I guess you could say that creativity there is just plane flat. Maybe we’ll eventually get a drop shadow on the BSOD text or something…

    Kudos to the folks at Upper Bound!

  2. 2 chemo said at 3:03 pm on March 29th, 2006:

    Great idea and fun,,,,,,,for awhile,,,,until you are in a rush to find something and then you have to start trying to remember what keystroke does what, as if I didn’t have enough keystrokes for this and that proggie I have a hard enough time trying to remember as it is, or for that matter enough of everything digital I own that has it’s own little set of kinky-know-how-to-operate interfaces. THREE DEE has just that much more complexity to it that a mouse is just not able to deal with 3d’s demands. SOME DAY….

  3. 3 Cyberalle said at 5:14 pm on May 11th, 2006:

    You must try meeting3D on this site http://www.tixeo.com . It’s a collaborative tool and must say that i am very impressed by the 3D interface.

  4. 4 m-coole said at 9:41 am on June 29th, 2006:

    very good project

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  9. 9 The Father of 3D Interface Design said at 4:46 am on January 31st, 2010:

    Action Effect
    Move mouse up/down Pitch up/down
    Move mouse left/right Rotate left/right
    Shift-Mouse up/down/left/right Directional strafe
    Mouse wheel forward/backward Move forward/backward
    Ctrl-Mouse wheel forward/backward Move forward/backward faster
    Mouse wheel forward/backward while down Move forward to object / move backward to current container entrance
    Left mouse button single click Select object / Press button / Deselect all if not pointing to anything
    Left mouse button double click Open file / Enter directory / Rotate sort corner mode / Follow shortcut
    Right mouse button Context sensitive menu
    Wheel double click (middle mouse button) Toggle rotation mode
    Ctrl-Left mouse button click Select multiple

    Keyboard Navigation
    Action Effect
    Space bar Open Windows explorer or My Computer at current location
    Home key Jump to home/root
    Up/Down arrows Strafe up/down
    Left/Right arrows Rotate left/right
    Enter Move to selected or hovering object (selected has precedence)
    Backspace Move up a directory
    W Forwards (Z key if the Azerty keyboard option is set)
    A Strafe left (Q key if the Azerty keyboard option is set)
    D Strafe right
    S Backwards
    Hold down ‘1’ to ‘9’ Associates current location with that number
    ‘1’ to ‘9’ Jump to associated location

    Action Effect
    Esc Escape from current operation. In order, escapes from rename, quick-select mode, grabbed or copied objects, fullscreen, and maximized
    P Lose focus and enter sleep mode. Not exactly “Pause”, but close enough
    Ctrl-A Select all
    Alt-‘A’ to Alt-‘Z’ Select objects beginning with that letter
    Alt-‘0’ Select all objects that do not start with a letter
    Delete key Delete selected object(s)
    Shift-Delete Deletes objects without placing them in the recycle bin. Works in conjunction with the delete key as well as any delete buttons
    Alt-F4 Exit
    Alt-Enter Toggle fullscreen mode
    Backslash ‘\’ Toggle rotation mode
    F1 Help. Shows the manual
    F5 Resync with current directory
    Ctrl-X Cut/Grab files so you can move and drop them elsewhere
    Ctrl-C Copy files so you can move and drop them elsewhere
    Ctrl-V Paste/Drop files at current position
    Ctrl-Q Paste/Drop All
    Ctrl-O Open all selected files
    Slash ‘/’ and Tab Key Toggle quick select mode. In quick select mode, all letter, number, and arrow keys are used for text entry
    Tilda ~ Hold down for God mode

    Action Effect
    (no shift) Previous/Next one. Cycles sorted objects
    (shift) Previous/Next five. Cycles sorted objects
    (ctrl) Reset sort order
    Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-6 Sort into shape (cube, lines, stadium, double-helix, cylinder, pyramid)
    Ctrl-N Sort by Name
    Ctrl-D Sort by Date
    Ctrl-E Sort by Extension (Type)
    Ctrl-S Sort by Size
    Ctrl-F Sort in Forward (Ascending) direction
    Ctrl-B Sort in Backward (Descending) direction
    Ctrl-T Sort Tight packing (no gaps)
    Ctrl-L Sort Loose packing (gaps)
    Ctrl-R Sort Reset (sort all objects)

    Numeric Key Pad
    Action Effect
    Enter Move to selected object
    Zero/Dot/Plus Toggle rotation mode
    4 6 8 2 Directional Strafe
    7 9 1 3 Move to corresponding sort corner
    5 Reorient to face forwards

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