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Prefab China

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I'm off to China to teach in the Prefab China program for the next 3 weeks until June 16th.  In the meantime please enjoy our archives and links.  

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We Feel Fine

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We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kanvar is a visualization of how the internet community feels.  The program scours across blogs for phrases containing "I feel" and parses them into a field for analysis from many different angles.  Brilliant! 

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Wal-Mart Growth

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Thomas Holmes has assembled an animation of Wal-Mart Store Openings spreading across the US from 1962 to 2004.

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Micro.Spheres by Julius Popp takes place in a room, containing around 16 autonomously acting robots, which visitors are allowed to enter and experience. The robots act according to a dogmatic command that drives them to perpetually place themselves in the spatial centre of their immediate environment.

via Interactive Architecture dot Org

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The Shape of Song

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The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question. The custom software in this work draws musical patterns in the form of translucent arches, allowing viewers to see–literally–the shape of any composition available on the Web. The resulting images reflect the full range of musical forms, from the deep structure of Bach to the crystalline beauty of Philip Glass.

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