vvvv : a multipurpose toolkit

July 26th, 2006 | Filed under: Computing, Design, Programming, Technology | 2 Comments »


Hey…Into generative art and graphical programming environments?  Checkout vvvv, it's like Processing and MAX/MSP had a kid.

2 Comments on “vvvv : a multipurpose toolkit”

  1. 1 aragao said at 7:43 am on August 3rd, 2006:

    My viruscan sounded the alarm on installing !

  2. 2 David said at 5:16 pm on October 16th, 2006:

    vvvv is no virus but it can infect you with a very bad addiction of using it. cheers. to get an impression what people do with it visit http://vvvv.org/tiki-view_blog.php?blogId=4

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