Bump keying

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Scary! The bump keying technique is a lock picking technique that will open practically any lock by anyone with a bump key in a matter of seconds without any skill.

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  1. 1 carrie said at 9:33 am on August 10th, 2006:


  2. 2 Martin G. Smith said at 5:02 pm on August 10th, 2006:

    The reality is, if it can be made by Man [Woman], it can be hacked be Man [Woman]. Anecdote – I grew up commuting from my home in one community to my Father’s base in another. It involved traveling on a Ferry. There was more than one occasion when the captain would put out a page for ‘One of the Smiths’ to com to the aid of a driver who had locked themselves out of their car. Why? We always had the ‘Tools’ [Picks, Flatbars] and the skill.
    The reality is, it is not the tool that makes the criminal, it is the mindset, and frankly I rather allow the access than have it disappear into the ether where only those with access, had access.
    Lest you think this sounds like a variation on the Classic NRA argument, Email me and I’ll clue you in.

  3. 3 AdamN said at 6:52 am on October 5th, 2006:

    What’s worse is that sites like http://www.bumpkey.us are actually selling them to the general public. I mean – do you really want criminals having these ?

  4. 4 Isaac Bowman said at 12:08 pm on November 30th, 2006:

    I was just watching the Today show on NBC and they had a story about how YouTube was aiding criminals by hosting videos on how to defeat locks through lock picking. A similar theme of anti-YouTube lock picking started to show up in UK based news media outlets earlier this morning – All Headline News, Metro UK, Life Style Extra.

    The Today show was just trying to jump on a story that was just starting to hit the UK and wanted to be the first in the US to catch the wave rather than report on why the lock industry fails to protect us. People should know that it doesn’t take the world’s greatest picker but even a 10 year old can use a bump key can pick a lock.

    Thanks for the article

  5. 5 mark armdel said at 4:44 pm on January 26th, 2007:

    I have just ordered a set from bumpkeyed.com and I cannot wait to see if this actually works

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