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Folding circles is about decompressing spherical information. 2-D information is folded into the creased lines and 3-D information is in the spatial configuring of the circle. This is not possible with the drawing of the circle. It is only possible when working with the circle disc in space, the only possible compressed form of spherical order. A paper circle can model everything that can be modeled by all polygons and polyhedra; it also models things that are not possible with any other shape or form.

Wholemovement by Bradford Hansen-Smith

Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow

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Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow (1963) is Daniel Wilson and Eva Schindling‘s intereactive kinetic sculpture, completed in 2006, at the Art & Technology masters program at the IT University.

The Inner Life of the Cell

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via information aesthetics

[xvivo press release]

More Ferrofluid

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Another Ferrofluid video by Sachiko Kodama

cut & paste

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The bboy battle of design; the visual DMC; the Iron Chef of 2D art.

cut & paste design contest is coming to New York City: 10/21, Chicago: 11/04, Los Angeles: 11/11, and San Francisco: 11/18. FUN!

[Video from cut & paste 2005]

FedEx Tyvek Wallet

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I just finished posting an instructable for a FedEx Tyvek Wallet. Simple, compact, holds change, and it works. Free, takes 10mins, a few cuts, and 1 staple. Enjoy!