Strange Clouds

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amazing, beautiful Strange Clouds

more at The Cloud Appreciation Society Gallery

5 Comments on “Strange Clouds”

  1. 1 milo said at 2:15 pm on October 24th, 2006:

    How beautiful pictures of clouds, somebody should give Valuca some better webspace to show his picture nicely.

  2. 2 Chris said at 10:36 pm on October 29th, 2006:

    This is a lenticular cloud:

    Quite common in my neck of the woods, in the foothills of Alberta.

  3. 3 milo said at 3:58 am on October 30th, 2006:

    Wow, thanks for the link, Chris, as i could read, those pictures from wiki are courtesy of nasa, do you know any other galleries?

  4. 4 Chris said at 9:11 am on October 30th, 2006:

    There are lots to be found, check out sites like or other free image hosting sites.

  5. 5 Ditmas said at 9:19 am on November 18th, 2006:

    Didn’t Lawrence Weschler used to be obsessed with one certain cloud that appeared one day over L.A.? Maybe he wrote a book on it? It looks a bit like this. I wonder if he’s done any at his McSweeney’s convergance site.
    This reminds of something else great to look at–not the future–it’s amazing rennaisance maps of the sky:

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