The Tangle under Turbulence

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Now, in a paper to be published in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters, MIT researchers report that they have visualized for the first time a convoluted tangle underlying turbulence. This work may ultimately help engineers design better planes, cars, submarines and engines.

via MIT News Office

E.O. Wilson: Help build the Encyclopedia of Life

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As E.O. Wilson accepts his 2007 TED Prize, he makes a plea on behalf of his constituents, the insects and small creatures, to learn more about our biosphere. We know so little about nature, he says, that we’re still discovering tiny organisms indispensable to life; yet we’re still steadily destroying nature. Wilson identifies five grave threats to biodiversity (a term he coined), using the acronym HIPPO, and makes his TED wish: that we will work together on the Encyclopedia of Life, a web-based compendium of data from scientists and amateurs on every aspect of the biosphere. [TED] [480p video]

The Virtual Typewriter Museum

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The Hansen Writing Ball | The Virtual Typewriter Museum

Xia Xiaowan

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Xia Xiaowan draws some eerie figures on multiple layers of glass to create 3d paintings.

via monochrom