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On 24 May 2007, Brick: the exhibition will open at the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam during the manifestation Rotterdam 2007, City of Architecture.
Brick: the exhibition shows the experiments architects, designers and visual artists ventured into with the brick as a starting point. Inspiring, exciting results from 16 participants from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, originating from 1 assignment: develop a new type of brick.

Marian Bijlenga (visual artist, designer), The Netherlands
David Binns & Alasdair Bremner (ceramists), United Kingdom
Hilde Danielsen (visual artist), Norway
Evan Douglis (architect), United States
Martina Florians (visual artist), The Netherlands
Christine Jetten (ceramist) / Edwin Smolders (architect) / Sebastiaan Robben (architect) / Susan Tunick (ceramist), The Netherlands/USA
NEXT Architects (architects), The Netherlands
Ben Oostrum (designer) & Rob Bonneur (architect), The Netherlands
Marieke Pauwels (visual artist), Belgium
Remko Posthuma (visual artist), The Netherlands
José Rojas (architect), Mexico
Christine Saalfeld (visual artist), Germany
Jan Schabert (architect), Germany
Baukje Trenning (designer), The Netherlands
Arnout Visser & Erik-Jan Kwakkel (designers), The Netherlands

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