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Che-Wei Wang

Michael Silver
Mike Silver holds a masters in building design from Columbia University, and is a leFevre '29 research fellow for the Knowlton School of Architecture in Columbus, Ohio, a Sanders Fellow at the University of Michigan, former director of digital media at the Yale School of Architecture and a studio instructor at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, and faculty member at Pratt Institute. He is also the author of numerous books and articles including Pamphlet Architecture 19: Reading, Drawing, Building (Princeton Architectural Press, 1996) and IS) Mapping in the Age of Digital Media (March/April 2003). He currently directs a multidisciplinary design laboratory based in New York. Current work explores technologies such as UDAR, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation, computer programming (Automason Ver 1.0) and a variety of new robotic fabrication tools including numerically controlled wire-EDM and digital foam shaping.

John Lobell
John Lobell received his architecture degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a professor of architecture at Pratt Institute. He is the author of Between Silence and Light: Spirit in the Architecture of Louis I Kahn, and is currently addressing the implications of structures of consciousness and quantum theory for architecture. You can find out more, including postings of articles, at johnlobell.com.


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