Body Media : You will get sick. . . now.

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Eric Teller‘s company, Body Media has tracked 132 years of human activity, including 44,533 minutes of jogging and 6,250 minutes of Ping-Pong through it’s armband monitor. The company has sold 7,500 armband monitors which wirelessly record physiological data to be analyzed by 1,300 algorithms that figure out what that body is doing. Within a year, Teller will have ten times the current data, enough to write intelligent programs that may predict when someone will suffer a cold, epileptic fit or heart attack. [video]

via Forbes | K.AI

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Roach-Robot Hybrid

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The roach (the robot’s CPU) sits on top of a ping pong ball (the robot’s trackball). The robot’s motion is controlled by infrared sensors that flash lights at the roach whenever it senses objects in its path. The light causes the roach to change directions. Find more details and other animal robot hybrids at conceptlab.

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Self-Replicating Robots : The First Steps to Grey Goo

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Hob Lipson and his colleagues at Cornell University have created modular cube robots or ‘molecubes‘ capable of self-replication. Each 10cm cube holds a microprocessor with a set of simple instructions and electromagnets. The scalable robots demonstrate self-replication (wma video 1, 2) by creating an identical copy of a formation of molecubes. Although the demonstration is crude in comparison to reproduction in nature, it shows that mechanical self-replication, given the proper elements, is possible. By reducing the size of the cubes and producing large quantities, the resolution of possible forms may reach that of gray goo.

via NS | PhysOrg

Critters : Free Evolutionary Auto-Composer

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Critters (OSX) offers an evolutionary approach to music ‘composition’. You essentially judge a batch of ‘critters’ that move on to the next round that breed into a more refined set of musical compositions (repeat as desired). The software also outputs MIDI files so the composition can move beyond your standard ultra-cheesy soft synth instruments. Check out thecatescapes (mp3)by beekicker.

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Search by Sketching

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CADFind is new system for searching 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings. A simple sketch in SolidWorks returns results in seconds. The search engine has been tested on databases of 20,000 drawings with accuracy beyond 98%.

via PhysOrg

SodaRace : AI vs. Your Brain

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Step 1. Design your own 2-dimensional walker in SodaConstructor.

Step 2. Upload it to a virtual terrain in SodaRace and get your ass whipped.

Step 3. Optimize your creature with some AI magic or breed and evolve a new creature using the Wodka genetic algorithm.

Step 4. Realize your brain is no match to AI.

Step 5. Continue having fun competing with other human intelligence walkers.

Flight 404 : Fluid and Swarms in Processing

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Flight 404 Version 7 has a whole slew of fluid simulation, swarm behavior and sound visualization applets written in Processing. Wow.

more at version 6 | version 5

Crogai : AI Crowd Simulator

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Crogai is an open source software for simulating crowd behavior of agents with AI on a 3-dimensional virtual terrain. Some of the features include reproduction, predators, evolution and mob behavior. The current release is at version 0.2, so we can probably expect many more features to come in the future.


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War.paint, written in Processing, beautifully choreographs a battlescene as random strings of color explode on impact.

Morphology : Morphogenesis and Emergence through Processing

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Michael Chang’s ambitious project, Morphology, under the supervision of Casey Reas, attempts to create a program in Processing through which morphogenesis, emergence and evolution of swimming agents could be observed. Although the project lacks in having conclusive software to explore some of the processes involved in evolution, the website offers a great deal of insight into the creation of such a program through the detailed description of the software sketches leading up the the final applet.