Evolo Housing Competition Results

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Evolo’s 07-housing-competition results are out. Check them out. They’re all way too small to read the text, but the images look great.


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On 24 May 2007, Brick: the exhibition will open at the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam during the manifestation Rotterdam 2007, City of Architecture.
Brick: the exhibition shows the experiments architects, designers and visual artists ventured into with the brick as a starting point. Inspiring, exciting results from 16 participants from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, originating from 1 assignment: develop a new type of brick.

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Architorture is a documentary that captures five diverse students in a single studio at one university throughout the entirety of their thesis project.
Architorture. Architorture. Architorture. You just have to love it.

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Dubai Inc.

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Money. Fear. Disney. Debt bondage. Mega architecture.
Mike Davis writes on Fear and Money in Dubai at the New Left Review.

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Moving Structure

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Moving Structure by Pavel Hladik is the design of the moving structure takes advantage of the Teflon foils and Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) NiTiCu. This structure is fixed to the ground or to another structure and is a part of the electrical circuit. The reactions controlled by computer are caused by the various circuits which connect the members of spirals of SMAs. The members are covered by the layered Teflon foil which is welded to the shape which is determined by the critical shape of the whole structure.

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Elegant Embellishments

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Elegant Embellishments is developing a decorative, three-dimensional architectural tile that can be installed quickly to reduce air pollution in urban environments. The tiles provide councils, developers, and designers with the ability to rapidly improve urban environments in terms of air quality and visual appeal.

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Interactive Graffiti on Architecture

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Interactive Architecture (video) is an illustration of the concept that digital projections can interact with the surfaces upon which they are projected.

Cage / Clemenceau Architects

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Sensitive Floor

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SENSITIVE.FLOOR is a new interactive video projection floor by iO also distributed in the Sensitive Space System by 3M.

Joshua Prince-Ramus explains Hyper-Rational Architecture

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TED : Joshua Prince-Ramus (2006) – Google Video