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Wiring, an open project initiated by Hernando Barragan, is a programming environment built on the Processing API with an I/O board for programming and prototyping interactive hardware. [currently alpha pre-release]


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Lifestraw is a $2 water filtration device contained in a straw currently under development by Torben Vestergaard Frandsen, Rob Fleuren and Moshe Frommer. The straw is composed of two textile filters and iodine impregnated beads. There are several similar devices on the market like the Frontier™ Emergency Water Filter System , but none as efficient or with profoundly world changing potential as the Lifestraw.

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One-atom-thick materials and the 'new industrial revolution'

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Scientists at The University of Manchester have discovered a new class of materials which have previously only existed in science fiction films and books. A team of British and Russian scientists led by Professor Geim have discovered a whole family of previously unknown materials, which are one atom thick and exhibit properties which scientists had never thought possible. Published on 18 July, 2005 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [abstract]

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Nanofactory Animation

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The long anticipated Nanofactory animation, titled “Productive Nanosystems: from Molecules to Superproducts” by Lizard Fire Studios with the support of Nanorex, is now version 1.0. [animation] [slide show]

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FutureFactories : Non-Standard Fabrication+ Design

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FutureFactories is Lionel Theodore Dean’s design concept which combines parametric digital modeling with rapid prototyping fabrication techniques for a line of one-off luminaires. He asks, “using rapid prototyping techniques, it costs the same to produce similar parts as identical ones, so why produce two products the same?”

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Nano Electronic Revolution Begins

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Researchers at the National Institute for Nanotechnology (University of Alberta) have demonstrated for the first time that the charge of a single atom on a silicon surface can switch the conductivity of a nearby molecule. Robert Wolkow and his team’s demonstration bring nano electronics a leap forward into reality, as the technology moves hence forward with proof of a molecular transistor. [press release]

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Self-Assembling Nano-Electronics

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are working on a combination of the latest lithography and self-assembly block-copolymer techniques to create highly ordered self assembling ‘nanochips’.

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Ultra-Thin Liquid Crystal Zoom Lens

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Scientists at Canada’s Université Laval have invented a new lens that is five times thinner than a piece of paper that zooms by realigning liquid crystal cells with an electric current.

See also University of Central Florida’s Liquid Crystal Lens with Tunable Focus.

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BetaBatt: Nuclear Battery with Increased Surface Geometry

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BetaBatt is developing a nuclear battery that has the potential to last 12-20 years. The innovation comes not in the battery technology itself, but in the 3-dimensional surface of the silicon layer that is able to capture more electrons emitted by Tritium. The ultimate surface design will increase energy production 160-fold.

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Frameless Structural Glass Dome

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Lucio Blandini calls it “a soap bubble just floating over the ground�. The frameless glass structure, designed at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Lightweight Structures, consists of laminated glass panels elevated off the ground with titanium supports, which expand at the same rate as glass.

via The Architect’s Newspaper

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