Becoming Lance Armstrong

June 15th, 2005 | Filed under: Biology, Health, Mapping | 2 Comments »

Edward F. Coyle’s research paper, “Improved muscular efficiency displayed as Tour de France champion matures,” studies Lance’s muscular efficiency from 1992-1999 in which he won his first of 6 consecutive Tour de Frances. The study measures and quantifies his development as his body matured and morphed to become more efficient over intense periods of training.

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Anatomical Travelogue Inc : Alexander Tsiaras

June 7th, 2005 | Filed under: Biology, Health, Technology | 1 Comment »

Alexander Tsiaras is a wizard in anatomical imaging. His company, Anatomical Travelogue Inc., presents the human body through various imaging technologies with the highest level of precision and clarity. Check out the ‘Our Work’ section for a look at the human body from angles you won’t see elsewhere and Conception to Birth for an interactive journey.

The Scent of Trust

June 2nd, 2005 | Filed under: Biology, Biotech, Health, News | 4 Comments »

A team of Swiss researchers have produced a potion that increases trust between individuals. The potion’s main ingredient, oxytocin, is a naturally produced chemical in the brain which is triggered by a range of stimuli, including sex and breastfeeding, and it is associated with the formation of social ties. The study, led by Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, shows that oxytocin and its associated effects can be artificially stimulate though a nasal spray. Forget Axe, this is the real thing. [pdf]

via Nature

Capsule Endoscope by Olympus

May 26th, 2005 | Filed under: Future, Health, Photography, Products, Technology, Video | 2 Comments »

Olympus Medical Systems has a new capsule endoscope with some advanced features including a self-propelled electro magnetic guidance system, a wireless power supply system, a drug delivery system, body fluid sampling technology, and ultrasound capabilities. [press release]

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Body Media : You will get sick. . . now.

May 25th, 2005 | Filed under: AI, Design, Future, Health, Mapping, Products | No Comments »

Eric Teller‘s company, Body Media has tracked 132 years of human activity, including 44,533 minutes of jogging and 6,250 minutes of Ping-Pong through it’s armband monitor. The company has sold 7,500 armband monitors which wirelessly record physiological data to be analyzed by 1,300 algorithms that figure out what that body is doing. Within a year, Teller will have ten times the current data, enough to write intelligent programs that may predict when someone will suffer a cold, epileptic fit or heart attack. [video]

via Forbes | K.AI

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Powerseed : Pacemaker for Eating

May 4th, 2005 | Filed under: Future, Health, Humor, Products | No Comments »

This is not a joke. Powerseed is simply a 30 second timer / traffic signal that tells you when you should take your next bite and contemplate whether you’re still hungry or not.

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