A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009)

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A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009) – Caleb Larsen – eBay (item 110489351313 end time Feb-09-10 06:25:37 PST).

We Feel Fine

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We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kanvar is a visualization of how the internet community feels.  The program scours across blogs for phrases containing "I feel" and parses them into a field for analysis from many different angles.  Brilliant! 

GeneDupe : Breeding Dragons + more

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Each computer starts with a search image (dragon, unicorn, gryphon, etc), and the genome of the real animal most closely resembling it (a lizard for the dragon, a horse for the unicorn and, most taxingly, the spliced genomes of a lion and an eagle for the gryphon). The virtual genomes of these real animals are then tweaked by random electronic mutations. When they have matured, the virtual adults most closely resembling the targets are picked and cross-bred, while the others are culled.

Using this rapid evolutionary process, GeneDupe’s scientists have arrived at genomes for a range of mythological creatures—in a computer, at least. The next stage, on which they are just embarking, is to do it for real.

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The Dumpster

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The Dumpster, another brilliant visualization by Golan Levin showing romantic breakups announced in the blogosphere from 2005. (co-commissioned by Whitney Artport & Tate Online)

Pimp My Model

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Pimp My Model @ Harvard GSD

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Rocking Air Guitars

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The Virtual Air Guitar project, developed at the Helsinki University of Technology, tracks air guitar gestures into real sounds. Rock. [video]

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The 60 Second Trip

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The 60 Second Trip | An incredible illusion

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PSP/ Royal College of Art

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6 students from the Royal College of Art have designed a landscape of concept furniture derived from the statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged in playing the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The furniture is designed for use specifically when playing the PSP. . . Initial inspiration came from observing group play at a barbecue: when still light in the early evening, a group of players put their coats over their heads to create shade and see the PSP’s screen better. Despite not being able to see each other at all, they continued to happily taunt, insult and otherwise interact with each other as is the norm throughout the course of a game. [PSP/RCA]

Thanks, Matt.

P.E.A.R.T. : The Robotic Drum Machine

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The P.E.A.R.T or Pneumatic and Electronic Actuated RoboT reads MIDI inputs to control a set of pneumatic cylinders for a fully automated analog drum machine. Monkey Drummer lives. [video page]

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Super Slow Motion Video Collection

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Get ready to spend a couple hours browsing around Dr. David G. Alciatore‘s collection of 180+ Interesting High-speed (super slow motion) Video Clips.

FF favorites: Jello Cube Drop, Bee Flying, Bouncing Rubber Yo-Yo Ball, Bubbles, Ear Flick, Face Punch, Face Slaps, Exploding Bottles, Glass on Mouse Trap, Big Lip Flap, Water Balloon on Face, Toy Truck Destruction.

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