The Future of the Past

February 24th, 2005 | Filed under: Future, Humor | 2 Comments »

I’m still waiting for the day when there are flying cars all over Manhattan and sky bridges connecting skyscrapers all over the city at the 70th floor. David H. Szondy’s site, Tales of Future Past collects classic depictions of the world we live in today from the past. Unfortunately, the story of our future city hasn’t advanced much. Hollywood still dreams of flying cars, transportation pods and sky bridges.

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All You Can Buy at Wal-Mart Township

February 2nd, 2005 | Filed under: Humor, News | No Comments »

Wal-Mart is about to open it’s own community where residents sign up to live in a Wal-Mart buffet! Sounds crazy, but believable, doesn’t it? Sorry, all you Wal-Mart fanatics, it’s not true, but for a prediction of 2020, I could see it happening. Future Feed Forward, reports the news of the future in Onion-esque fashion. With titles like, Microsoft Announces Handguns with Web Access and McDonald’s New ‘Surplus Value Menu’ Pays You To Eat, all set in the future, these predictions seem comparable to the pet cellphone, a real product on the market.

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Space for Screaming

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ScreamBody is the first of the series of Wearable Body Organs. ScreamBody is a portable space for screaming. When a user needs to scream but is in anynumber of situations where it is just not permitted, ScreamBody silences the user’s screams so they may feel free to vocalize without fear of environmental retaliation, and at the same time records the scream for later release where, when, and how the user chooses.

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