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Papervision3D makes your flashy website look so 1999.

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Internet Radio

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I know I do. I know many of you do. So please, let’s

Enron Explorer

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With Enron Explorer, you can browse all 200,000 of Enron’s internal emails with Trampoline‘s SONAR technology.


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Photosynth from Microsoft Live Labs is a 3-D image reconstructor that rebuilds entire environments based on hundreds of photos taken from different angles.  The result is a web based photo browser that stitches photos into a seamless  panorama in a true 3d environment.  Think web based QTVR stitcher on steroids.

We Feel Fine

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We Feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kanvar is a visualization of how the internet community feels.  The program scours across blogs for phrases containing "I feel" and parses them into a field for analysis from many different angles.  Brilliant! 

The Shape of Song

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The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question. The custom software in this work draws musical patterns in the form of translucent arches, allowing viewers to see–literally–the shape of any composition available on the Web. The resulting images reflect the full range of musical forms, from the deep structure of Bach to the crystalline beauty of Philip Glass.

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Looplabs creates online mixing [Wipeout] and sequencing [Bacardi] environments for all you DJ wannabes. Do your worst.

Google Finance

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Get hooked | Google Finance beta

Themail : Visualizing Email Conversations

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Themail parses your email conversation history into a revealing analysis of what you talk about to whom and how often. [pdf]

via information aesthetics

Google Earth + Domus = Hyper Domus

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From the March 2006 issue (Domus 890), readers will be able to take a “virtual guided tour” of the buildings published in Domus thanks to a preconfigured itinerary that can be loaded in Google Earthâ„¢. This itinerary will take you on a tour of the most recent architectural projects, viewed in context. [Hyper Domus]