The Tangle under Turbulence

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Now, in a paper to be published in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters, MIT researchers report that they have visualized for the first time a convoluted tangle underlying turbulence. This work may ultimately help engineers design better planes, cars, submarines and engines.

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Hyperbolic Planar Tesselations

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Hyperbolic Planar Tesselations

Fractal Brocoli

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Folding circles is about decompressing spherical information. 2-D information is folded into the creased lines and 3-D information is in the spatial configuring of the circle. This is not possible with the drawing of the circle. It is only possible when working with the circle disc in space, the only possible compressed form of spherical order. A paper circle can model everything that can be modeled by all polygons and polyhedra; it also models things that are not possible with any other shape or form.

Wholemovement by Bradford Hansen-Smith

N: Puzzle Platformer with Physics and Style

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N (as in Ninja) from Metanet Software is the best (flash) game ever made…the simplicity of design and gameplay bubbles up into a fabulously dynamic experience…seriously, check it out.  Plus the website has a bunch of great tutorials on some pretty advanced collision detection techniques. 

from the website: 

N has been described as reminiscent of lode runner — you're a little dude running around in a puzzle-y world inhabited by enemies.

But in N, there's a twist: the ninja is driven not only by a thirst for gold, but also by a physics simulation.

Death, which happens often, is quite animated.

Richard Sweeney

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richard sweeney.jpg
Richard Sweeney's creations. more at [flickr]
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Hoberman Transformable Design

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Chuck Hoberman’s new venture, Hoberman Transformable Design, seeks to extend his innovations into consumer products and architectural applications. Hoberman Associates’ work is centered on the fundamental idea that a designed object can transform the way a natural organism does.

Spidron System

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The Spidron is a planar figure consisting of two alternating sequences of isosceles triangles which, once it is folded along the edges, exhibits extraordinary spatial properties. [Spidron System]

Thanks, Neil.

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Origami Tessellations

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Origami Tessellations | folded deliciousness
Origomi’s Flickr Photostream

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Octacube : Hyper Sculpture

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Adrian Ocneanu, professor of mathematics at Penn State, has designed a stainless steel sculpture depicting a 3-dimensional projection of a 4-dimensional “octacube”. The massive sculpture was fabricated by Penn State’s Engineering Services Shop. [press release] [animation]

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