All You Can Buy at Wal-Mart Township

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Wal-Mart is about to open it’s own community where residents sign up to live in a Wal-Mart buffet! Sounds crazy, but believable, doesn’t it? Sorry, all you Wal-Mart fanatics, it’s not true, but for a prediction of 2020, I could see it happening. Future Feed Forward, reports the news of the future in Onion-esque fashion. With titles like, Microsoft Announces Handguns with Web Access and McDonald’s New ‘Surplus Value Menu’ Pays You To Eat, all set in the future, these predictions seem comparable to the pet cellphone, a real product on the market.

Futurefeedforward (unrelated to Future Feeder)

Airless Tire + Wheel = Tweel

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Airless tires? Amazing! We’ve seen many attempts at preventing flat tires, such as foam in tires or self-healing tires, but the Tweel looks like the final answer. The Tweel essentially combines the wheel and the tire into a single shock absorbing unit. Not only will it change the car tire industry, but all manufacturers of wheels from bicycles to jumbo jets will be catching up to apply this method. Of course there will be patent issues, but how will the current tire industry (selling 300 million puncture-able tires a day) survive without taking note of this revolutionary wheel?

Check out the video via CBS News | Michelin | engadget | gizmag

Earthquake-proof Foam House

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The Federation of American Scientists (FAS), recently tested the stability of structures built with the combination of expanded polystyrene (foam), and cement board. This method of building maintains the rigidity needed, yet remains lightweight, so it can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 10. Remarkably, the structure doesn’t require any wood members to create a rigid frame. FAS is in the process of using this method to build an ‘elegant home’ .

via Federation of Amercian Scientists | New Scientist

Design + Build

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shop cam obs

Bill Menking’s article on the future of design + build firms, points out the great advantages of being both the designer, fabricator, and researcher of materials and construction. He also points out a potential scenario in which a designer’s imagination could become limited by the shop’s fabrication capabilities.

via Architect’s Newspaper